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  • I'm new to beekeeping. Where do I start?
    One word: YOUTUBE We watch hours of it and we particularly like the tips from Stuart of Dublin Ireland's Norfolk Honey Company, but there are a ton more out there. Have a look at our Beginners' Guide, where we give you lots of information about the first 90 days of beekeeping. We also encourage becoming a member of a local beekeepers association such as the Gilroy Beekeepers Association:
  • How do I prepare ahead, and what equipment do I need?"
    Have a look at our Beginners' Guide, where we give you lots of information about the first 90 days of beekeeping. Find a location, ideally free of wind and if possible, out of direct-, afternoon-sunlight. The area should be removed of tall grasses, weeds or hanging branches which may allow ants to enter and rob your hive. Special consideration should be made if you live in close proximity to your neighbors. Consult your local ordinances, HOAs and county laws. Have your basic equipment ready so you can safely handle your bees: 1. Bee suit or bee jacket 2. Gloves 3. Smoker 4. Hive tool You'll need a beehive. A typical set up will have: 1. A hive stand - for a comfortable height and to keep off ants (with oiled legs or diatemomaceous earth) 2. Hive Body with top and bottom boards 3. A complete set of frames (number depends on hive body size but typically 10 frames) Plan ahead: even though you can keep your bees in the cardboard nuc box for a short time, you will need a more permanent bee hive to transfer them into so they can continue to grow. Many use a standard 10 frame Langsroth wooden bee hive, but others use Ware, Top Bar, or smaller 6 - 8 frame hives.
  • When can I pick up my bees and what can I expect?
    On the date selected between 7:00-9:00am, you’ll be able to pick up your nuc(s) of bees. The nucs will be waiting for you at the front of the farm. We will place the bees into the trunk of your car. Please bring a sheet to place over the nucs- this help prevent bees from escaping Please be aware that bees in a closed nuc are “Highly Perishable ”. If you aren’t here by 9:00am the bees will be returned to the apiary.
  • Can you help me install my nuc?
    If you need help installing your nuc, contact us, and we'll be happy to help you out!
  • Do you remove swarms?
    No, but our local Gilroy Beekeepers Association has alist of licensed and insured specialists for swarm removal:
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