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Hello! We are KoopHaus Apiaries. We are sharing our love of bees and beekeeping with the Bay Area. KoopHaus Apiaries is part of our family farm located in Morgan Hill. We are third generation farmers and our beekeeping journey began in 2010 with just one hive. When one hive slowly grew to several, we started harvesting honey and raising queens, we created pollinator habitats and now we're producing nucs. We think beekeeping is an awesome way to explore the natural world around us.


While we offer local honey in the Spring and Fall, raising bees are the focus of our apiary.  From January to September, we propagate colonies of bees. We encourage bee populations by offering Nuc hives to beekeepers in the Bay Area.  Whether you are a new or seasoned  beekeeper, we will get your home apiary started with a strong colony of bees suited for our central coast climate. 


We enjoy sharing our knowledge with schools, libraries and corporations.  Ask us about coming to your organization.


We offer consultation and installation of beehives for your home or corporate location.  Additional check-ups and inspections with feeding, treatments and honey harvesting can also be scheduled at the homeowner or company's request.

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