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3-Frame Nuc Hive (For May pick up)

Pick-up 5/11/24


3-frame bee nucleus (Nuc) hive :

1 frame of brood in various stages

1 frame of Honey

1 frame of drawn-out comb with brood/honey

1 Queen


2 Empty frames for the bees to grow into.

Pro-Nuc box for transportation.

BONUS: Links to our videos on planning your apiary location, how to install your bees and what to expect.




Add a premium grade hive competer kit to your nuc which includes:

1 deep (9 5/8") wooden box with premium grade wood made for a 10 frame configuration

+5 new frames to complete your nuc purchase

Top Cover

Inner Cover

Bottom Board

3-Frame Nuc Hive (For May pick up)

PriceFrom $175.00
You will receive a confirmation email shortly with instructions and pick-up information
  • For use in 9-5/8″ Hive bodies (Deeps)

    Our bees are bred for honey production, temperament and healthy propagation. Our stock is mostly Carniolan and Italian honey bees which do well in our mild winters and hot summers. We do not have a favorite but enjoy having a diverse population of bees in our yard.

    The best time to install package bees is early evening. If they can’t be put in that day, keep them in the location of your intended permanent bee hive. The temperature should be between 50 and 70 degrees.

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