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Local Wildflower Honey (3 sizes)

Winner of the 2023 Good Food Awards for Wildflower Honey


Our flagship wildflower honey is sourced from our apiary in Morgan Hill, on the southern end of Silicon Valley between San Francisco and Monterey.


Our local forage for the honey bees is diverse due to a variety of fields, cherry orchards, and home gardens in our radius. Unique to our area are a variety of thistles, mustard weed, fruit orchards, and lavender. The apiary garden nearby includes African blue basil, rosemary, sage, and citrus trees.


The honey has been lightly strained to retain the natural pollens of the honey to create a pure, raw, and natural product. Raw honey will crystalize over time but not to worry! Simply place the jar of crystallized honey in warm water and it will reliquify.


Local Delivery to Morgan Hill & San Martin: $5 flat rate or FREE with $25 minimum purchase

Local Wildflower Honey (3 sizes)

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